Is it possible to gamble in Elder Scrolls Online?

Sounds like a pretty rhetorical question to any ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) enthusiast, right?

Except it is not. The question of whether it is possible to gamble when playing Elder Scrolls Online keeps popping up on different forums – Reddit, Gamefaqs e.t.c- coming from both seasoned players and newbies. In more than a few instances, the inquirers end up with less than satisfactory answers.

And that is the sole purpose of this article: to answer the question exhaustively.

Short and long

The short answer is yes, it is possible to gamble in different games on the Elder Scrolls Online network.

The long answer is that the possibility of gambling depends on your exact definition of the word ‘gambling’ in the particular context. The best way to explain this is to expound the ‘how-to,’ so, here:

When playing ESO, you earn gold coins from different winning and magic plays. You accumulate these gold coins as you win more and go up the levels. The coins are the wealth that you may use for different needs like boosting your health or buying important tools.

You may also seek to multiply this wealth faster by using it to gamble. Usually, players place their stakes against the game host with the hope of landing a windfall. The risks are similar to those you would experience in an actual land-based or online casino. You could strike it rich or end up wallowing in poverty, and possibly poor health.

Many argue that the house always wins when you gamble in ESO, but isn’t that the case in all forms of betting? ESO does not offer any less winning chances than a conventional betting platform.

Gambling in Elder Scrolls Online takes the form of placing stakes against Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) portals then waiting for the outcome. If you win, your stake is multiplied by the odds and the amount of gold coins is deposited into your account. Is there any need to explain what happens when you lose?

So, there, you are well answered. Yes, it is possible to gamble when playing ESO, but your definition of the word might alter the answer a little bit.