ESO scores another by setting up a Real Fitness Challenge

If we said that Elder Scrolls online keeps giving and giving, we would be doing two things at the same time.

  • Repeating a statement we have used over and over, and
  • Speaking the absolute truth

It is easy to see why this gaming platform keeps skyrocketing, despite being around for a while now. And, guess what, they just pulled out another fantastic card. ESO just introduced a fitness challenge that will pop right out of your screen and into your living room!

Unbelievable right? We didn’t believe it at first also because, like you, we didn’t see how a game we have installed for the simple pleasure of a gaming pad controller could turn into a fitness instructor. But we definitely cannot say that anymore because it does work. And it will absolutely give the statement that ‘gaming ruins your health‘ a good sucker punch.

Well, this exciting prospect comes to you courtesy of Skyrim, a thrilling game in part five of the Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim will be offering you extra playing time if you can dare to sweat out a few push-ups in each session. Ridiculous, right? And the game is not even pushing you.

Doing just ten push-ups can earn you an extra hour of play when your health in the game hits reserve levels. Not bad, after all. It beats the annoying requirement of having to wait an entire hour to play again.

But what good are ten push-ups going to do anyone? A lot actually! If you play anywhere between the 60 and 100 hours that will be needed to explore the entire Skyrim world, you will end up accumulating a massive 1000 push ups! Now that’s definitely something for someone who has probably not done ten push ups for the entirety of the year gone by.

Now, because you gamers are certified couch potatoes and intelligent bastards who will definitely try to cheat, the Skyrim challenge is intergrated with the Fitocracy fitness regime. This will make it easy to track you and also make the experience fun for you by engaging the community challenge.

There really doesn’t appear to be an end – or predictability- to ESO’s surprises, does there?